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"Jon is such a talented songwriter. I begged him to make this album. I've known Jon for several years and have always been a fan of his music. His work with Sound 3quation and Kevin Boyd has produced some of my favorite music from an indie artist."

                      - Scott Wells

Jon's album "Realm" is  available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play and all other steaming/download platforms


I grew up listening to classic rock, oldies and R&B and pop. Lots of strong vocalists influenced me at a young age. To name a few, Freddie Mercury from Queen, Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac,  Steve Perry from Journey, Brad Delp from Boston, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, The Beach Boys, and Boys to Men...for starters. As I grew into my teens, the grunge movement caught my ear and was drawn to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Bush, Soundgarden, LIVE, Tool, Incubus, and NIN. In addition I liked hip-hop artists such as OutKast, Goodiemob, and Busta Rhymes.

The first major band I was involved with was Thinfin which included Ryan Wheel on drums, Kevin Boyd and Edward Murray on guitars, and Chris Dexter on bass.  This experience got me on a stage and was my first attempt at getting over my crippling fear of performing in front of an audience. I can remember the nausea and knots in my stomach still and only regret not overcoming it sooner. 

After some of the members went to college, distance and visions for the band changed and we fell apart. I continued to play with Chris and at a local festival I met Matt Clendenning. He had a punk rock style and it really complemented and lifted my musical style. Sound 3quation was born and we performed shows in the southeast US and were eventually joined by lead guitarist Bobby Lopez (of Estrela fame). Unfortunately, Bobby lost a long battle to depression and mental illness and not long after, Sound 3quation disbanded.

I’ve continued to collaborate with Kevin and focus on my solo music. I play for myself and it provides me healing and a way to process the experiences I’ve lived through. The human condition is beautiful and tragic. I think of my music as philosophical, insightful and thoughtful.

-- Jon Crans

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