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Monday, March 2, 2020

EVANS, Georgia (WAGS) -- A Girl Scout Troop is upset after local man sets up competing stand cutting into their cookie profits.











Gloria Niel says her daughter, Maya Niel, was selling cookies in front of Kroger on Washington Road on Saturday afternoon when she noticed someone setting up another cookie stand next to theirs. That man was Evans local Fred Powers.

Maya says she was preparing an order when Fred enticed her customer to come over to his stand.

"Someone has to teach these girls that in a free market nothing comes easily. To succeed in a capitalist market you have to be competitive," Fred said.

Maya told AGC11 Eyewitness News she was shaken up by

the incident, but she and her mom are thankful to the Kroger

employees who heard what happened, and have donated

money to make up for the lost profits.



After the incident, the Girl Scouts of Augusta released the following statement:

We admire Mr. Power’s creativity and respect his business acumen. We believe his lesson will stay with the young girls for the rest of their lives. And, in his defense, he did buy a box of Thin Mints.

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