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This Song Took 10 Years to Make

Peribang Records recording artist Bathe in the Fire album cover I Won't Give In

10 years ago I released my first full-length album with the help of a few friends. That album was Proof of Existence.

Peribang Records recording artist Ring of Saturn album cover Proof of Existence

The journey from there to here has been a virtual lifetime; the band changed names, we’ve released three albums, and I’ve completed a degree in music production. I am a very different person from the guy who wrote Proof of Existence.

I wanted to celebrate this important anniversary, honor what came before, and showcase who I am now. To do that, I recorded a new version of the song “I Can’t”. With updated lyrics and improved production quality, I think the song has reached it’s full potential.

I’d like to thank my former band mates, Gary, James, and Sean. I’d also like to thank everyone that was a part of making the album or the original video. Lastly, I’d like to thank Ludicaps, a fan who made an awesome video for the song using clips from the anime Attack on Titan.


~ Scott

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